Amazon Prime Video Membership 30 day trial for free

The appeal of Amazon Prime Video is increasing rapidly in India. Are you aware of the meaning of Amazon Prime Video and what you can do with it?

Amazon has announced Prime service in India. Do you know about Amazon Prime video and Amazon Prime and how can you make use of it?

Today, we’ll discuss the similar. Everybody has heard of the name Amazon It is an online marketplace which millions of customers across the globe purchase their essential goods.

Many people buy the items they want online  through Amazon however, as of the present, there are a lot of people who don’t know about Amazon Prime membership or they are unaware of Amazon Prime Video.

The aim in this post is to provide information on Amazon Prime Video to such those who don’t know what is Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Prime Membership.

Amazon Prime is a premium service provided by Amazon. It is a premium service. For those who sign up for it, you do not be required to pay cost for delivery or shipping for the products you purchase through this site.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime video is an streaming service that is available on demand that is made available directly by Amazon.

Through Amazon Prime Video, you can view videos that are related to millions of movies, Oscar Award winning movies and old TV shows, and many more categories.

This is Amazon’s video online streaming service, which allows you to stream hundreds of Movies and TV Shows and Award-Winning Shows and Live Events.

With new releases in movies, games, shows, and much more, Prime Video has something for all.

The benefit is only available when you sign up to Amazon Prime Video. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, then you could sign up and then enjoy Amazon Prime Video.

In Amazon’s streaming services there are more than 26000 films and more than 2300 TV shows, and you can choose to watch the show you want to watch.

A membership in Amazon Prime has its big benefits. If you own an Android, IOS Phone and an Internet connectivity, you will be able to watch movies on Prime Video. You can watch the most television shows that are popular.

Amazon Prime Video, which is the similar service to Netflix. You can stream Hollywood, Bollywood films as in addition to films from different languages. At the same time you can watch TV shows.

Once you click on the language you prefer on the screen The category of movies will appear in front of you and you can choose to watch by choosing your favorite film. Can do unlimited streaming.

Amazon prime video cost

Amazon Prime Video is included in the price of the Amazon Prime membership for $13 per month, or $119 per year. If you’re not interested in any of the Amazon Prime’s other benefits you can join to Prime Video yourself for $9 per month.

Amazon Prime Video is a quite similar streaming-video feature to are services like Netflix. There are various categories of movies and TV shows where you can stream indefinitely.

Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership is running an initial 30-day trial for free in India. To avail it visit The option to signing up for an Amazon Prime Free Trial will be displayed on the homepage of Amazon.

amazon prime video login

On this page, click Amazon Prime Free Trail. The option to begin your 30 day Prime Free Trial will appear in a colored box. Once you click this link and you’ll be presented with the choice of signing up.

In this case, you must enter the password after entering your email address or mobile number. It is only then will you be able sign in. To do this, you must possess a valid credit or debit card.

If you have already signed up, you are able to benefit from this upgraded facility by logging in directly.

After acquiring Amazon Prime membership, you are able to watch Amazon Prime Video for free. Additionally, with those Lightning Deals that come on Amazon are available to view them up to an hour prior to normal users.

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