How to Trim a Beard? 5 best buy Beard Trimmer

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The boys around seem to slowly start to have a keen interest in how to grow a good beard, but more people just see a certain celebrity with a certain beard look, and they feel that they want to challenge it.

The beard style is the most classic beard style. It became popular in the late 18th and 19th centuries, but has recently become more modern and revived. This style is loved by many entertainers and famous athletes.

The beard has a unique style with no mustache, and by making the area around the chin clear, it creates masculinity. This style is for people with an oval face and a clear chin line. Also, in order to connect the beard, it is essential to extend the beard around the chin and the side of the face.

How to care and manage your beard?

Masculinity, ruggedness, masculine temperament, fashionable beard styling has become the dominant reason for today’s facial hair fashion. It is reminiscent of the mighty loggers of New England, the handsome gentlemen of the Victorian era, the fashionable men from Brooklyn to Berlin, who all love beards, small beards and chiseled goatees. While these retro shapes and styles exude masculinity, they do not lose the majesty of men. They are distinctive and elegant.

So whether you plan to try a certain beard or simply trim an existing beard, the following tips can provide the information and inspiration you need: extraordinary beard styling comes from patience.

If you decide to have a beard now, you will soon find that the beard needs the above-mentioned meticulous care, and it costs far more than the maintenance of the razor.

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How to Trim a Beard? 5 best buy Beard Trimmer
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How to create a beard and beard

Beard scum is the easiest beard shape to create. This beard style is also called “3-day beard”. It is not only easy to trim, but also very fashionable and does not require frequent care. It is suitable for any man, any occasion, and any face shape. The scum can add a sense of maturity to a young face. Although this style is easy to take care of, we still need to maintain a natural and clean appearance, lest others think you forgot to shave. Therefore, you need Braun’s unique styling style. Please read below to learn how to create a neat and eye-catching beard easily and quickly.

Step 1: Choose the length of slag

Tips: gradually shorten the beard to the proper length of the beard

First, install the 1-10 mm comb to the Braun trimmer, and use the precision roller to select the ideal length of scum. If you are not sure about the length of the stubble that suits you, start with the longer 3 mm and gradually shorten your beard. Use 0.5 mm as the unit and shorten the hair slowly to ensure that the length of the beard is satisfactory. But please note that no matter which length you choose, all your beards must be the same length.

Extend the beard to a certain length

Tip: Extend the beard about 2 cm and connect the sideburns and beard.

The style of the beard varies from a “slender beard” with a width of about 2 mm to a “thick beard” with a width of 1 to 2 cm, but this time, the style is styled with a “thick beard” that stands out. To go. Either width requires 1-2 cm of hair to grow. However, if it becomes wider than 2 cm, the cleanliness will be lost.

Adjust the beard to the ideal length

Attach a 1-10 mm attachment to the brown whiskers trimmer and use the adjustment dial to select your preferred whiskers length. The beard looks good when it is between 10 mm in length. After deciding the length, move the beard so that it hits the blade well and evenly.

Determine the shape of the beard

Tip: Gradually adjust both sides to keep the width symmetrical

Remove the attachment from the beard trimmer to determine the shape of the beard, including the mustache. And let’s shorten all the beards around the determined beard. This will help you later when you want to shave this area clean. Then carefully shape the beard. Here, it’s a good idea to start with a thick line and move down. At this stage, it is important that the width of the whiskers is symmetrical. Please go while looking in the mirror.

Step 2: Use a precision trimmer to trim the hair against the direction of beard growth

Tips: The length of the stubble that looks neat and eye-catching is usually between 1 and 3 mm

After choosing the ideal beard length, trim the facial hair evenly to create a neat beard shape. Use a trimmer and comb to trim all hairs against the direction of beard growth. We recommend that you check carefully from time to time to make sure you have trimmed every hair. Don’t worry that the contour of the beard is not perfect, we now only need to trim all the facial hair to a suitable and consistent length. If you can ensure that the length of the original beard is even on both sides, and there are no hairs of different lengths on your face, you will be more comfortable in the subsequent steps.

Step 3: Trim the beard and beard

Tip: Trim the border of the beard to between the top and bottom of the throat core

Now that your scum is evenly trimmed, it’s time to clean up the excess hair on your neck. First remove the comb of the shaver, and then slowly trim upwards from the bottom of the neck. For best results, we recommend that you trim the border of your beard to between the top and bottom of the throat core. Remember to use cautious, slow, and continuous movements to shave your hair. Trim the hair away from the border of the beard, so that you don’t accidentally shave the contour of the beard, so as to trim the neat and neat lines, especially the chin and under the chin.

Step 4: Shave off the excess beard thoroughly to make the face sharp

Tips: Use the included Gillette razor to enjoy a veneer shaving experience

After that, you need to thoroughly shave the excess hair around the scum. Just use the Gillette razor that comes with the Braun Shave Set to get a simple and smooth shaving experience and results. Wet the skin with warm water and apply shaving foam to prepare the skin. Using a one-way continuous movement, shave the hair against the growth direction of the hair until the skin outside the upper lip beard becomes smooth and clean. Please pay special attention to the hair around the beard, cheeks and upper lip.

Be sure to carefully check the hard-to-reach areas under the chin (the junction of the lower jaw and the neck) and under the lower lip to make sure that all hair outside the beard area has been thoroughly shaved. That’s it, you’re ready to show off with a brand new scum look.

Step 5: Moisturize and treat the scum

Tips: Take care of your beard every 3 days or so

Now that you have created your ideal beard look, the next thing to do is to trim the carefully designed beard every two or three days to maintain the “3-day beard” feel! In addition, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. To prevent your skin from becoming dry after shaving, use a non-alcoholic moisturizer.

Just follow the simple steps above to create an eye-catching look in a short time, while freeing up time to do what you want to do. Very stylish shape, easy to create by you.

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