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How often should you bathe a Newborn?

One of the most beautiful moments in the world is when you hold your baby in your arms. But you take more responsibility for your baby and you may experience hesitation. One of these hesitations is your baby’s first bath … Remember that your baby is essentially very clean. 

But this does not mean you can’t wash it. Here are a number of elements that need your attention. Here’s some useful information on how to bathe your baby …

Take a bath! It may seem easy, but if it is to bathe a newborn baby, it may discourage many mothers, especially those novice mothers who have no nursing experience.

Generally, newborns can take a bath the next day after birth. Of course, the first bath will be helped by professional nurses from the hospital, but after being discharged from the hospital, all of this needs to be done by the family. The newborn baby’s body is soft like a small baby.

The meatball, relatively speaking, is more troublesome. The wound of the baby’s umbilical cord can’t be exposed to water. Therefore, bathing a newborn baby is indeed a more troublesome technical task.

Do not bathe more than 3 times a week!

First, learn to keep your baby’s bathroom simple. For example, once a day, gently wipe the neck folds and clusters on both cheeks with a warm, damp cloth. (You don’t have to put a soap cloth here.) You can turn this suggestion into a routine, or you can choose to do it before going to bed at night. 

Apart from that, if you are bathing your baby for the first time or washing your baby, be careful about your sponge selection. Do not bathe more than three times a week, as newborn skin is delicate and prone to dryness and irritation.

Bath time schedule

The bathing time is generally arranged 1~2 hours before feeding to avoid spitting up. Each bathing time does not exceed 10 minutes. Because too long bathing time will make the baby feel tired, and the temperature of the water will also drop, so try to keep the baby’s bathing time Control within 10 minutes.

Bath preparation

Before bathing the baby, we should prepare the relevant supplies, such as: disinfection of the umbilical cord (before the umbilical cord of the newborn is dropped), baby blankets, clothes, diapers, small towels, large bath towels, bathtubs, Cold water, hot water, baby powder, etc. At the same time, the bathing staff pay attention to check their fingernails to avoid scratching your baby, and wash their hands with soap.

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Water temperature control

Since the skin of the newborn baby is relatively delicate, in order to avoid scalding the baby’s skin, the temperature of the bath water for the baby should be controlled between 38 and 41 degrees Celsius, and when the water is released, you should put cold water first, then hot water, and then use the baby’s Test the water temperature on the back of your hand or wrist. Of course, if there is a special water temperature meter to measure the water temperature, it will be more accurate.

Step 1: Decide where to wash

Start by preparing a place to bathe your baby. Lay your baby on a flat, comfortable surface in a warm room. Most experts agree that the ideal temperature for a baby’s room is 20-24 degrees. You can choose a small portable bathtub or aquarium for your baby to bathe comfortably. Putting a thick cover on the floor will not be a problem for your baby and will make your job easier.

Step 2: Prepare the bathroom

Put warm water without soap in the water bowl. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so keep it away from hot water. To test the water, soak your elbows in the water, not your hands. If the water is neither hot nor cold, you are finding the right temperature. You can also buy a bathtub thermometer for this.

Step 3: Prepare the ingredients in advance

  • Now that you have water, make sure you have the materials you need. So what do you need?
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Two towels: A towel to dry your baby and a second one in case you accidentally get the first towel wet.
  • Optional diapers: If your baby has an unexpected bowel disorder while taking a bath, you will have a diaper at hand.
  • Your possession eliminates emergencies.

Fourth step: cleaning process

  • After undressing the newborn, wrap it in a blanket and place it on the surface of the bathroom to keep it warm throughout the procedure.
  • Start the process by washing your baby’s face. Tighten the fibers and sponge to keep water out of your nose, eyes and mouth.
  • Be careful and lightly dry with a towel.
  • Move the blanket down so that your upper body is easily exposed.
  • Next is to wash your neck, body and arms.
  • Dry and wrap your baby’s upper body before moving to the lower body.
  • After washing, dry your baby with a soft towel.
  • Never use soap while washing!

You should be aware of the following:

  • Avoid soap for the first month.
  • Create a calm mood while taking a bath.
  • Warm your baby before and after getting into the water.
  • Be careful when drying dry skin folds.
  • For the first 3 weeks, put the sponge in the bath to clean it.
  • Keep the umbilical cord dry after the sponge bath and consult your doctor if you notice any signs of infection (redness, swelling).
  • Do not soak your baby in water before the umbilical cord area has healed.
  • Wash your baby after your doctor’s approval.
  • Do not bathe your newborn more than three times a week.
  • Be careful when using baby lotions and baby powders. (Baby powder can be respiratory irritants and lotions can cause harmful reactions to the skin.)

How to bath a newborn baby?

The umbilical cord of most newborns within seven days has not fallen off. Therefore, we cannot soak the baby in water during the bathing process. Therefore, for newborns whose umbilical cord has not fallen off, it is recommended to bathe in stages.

1) Wash hair and face

First take off the newborn’s clothes, then wrap the newborn’s body with a big towel, then the adult sits on a chair, let the newborn sit on the adult’s left thigh, and drag the newborn’s head and neck with his left hand Use the thumb and middle finger of the left hand to press the ear gallery on the external ear canal like a lid from the back of the newborn’s head to prevent water from flowing into the ear canal when washing the hair.

Use the right hand to wash the newborn’s hair. The shampoo for shampooing is best to be non-irritating to the eyes, so as not to flow into the eyes and cause pain. After washing, be sure to rinse with clean water and gently dry the hair with a towel.

2) Wash the neck and upper body

Wrap the lower body with a large towel first, and then wash the neck, armpits, chest, back, arms and hands in turn. During the washing process, be careful not to let the bath water flow into the umbilicus.

3) Wash the lower body

At this time, the newborn should be placed on the adult’s left arm, with the head close to the adult’s left chest, hold the newborn’s thigh and abdomen with the left hand, wash the perineum from front to back, and then wash the groin, buttocks and legs And feet. Pay attention to washing the perineum from the front to the back of the anus.

When washing the vulva of a baby boy, gently turn the baby boy’s foreskin upside down and wash off the dirt with water to prevent adhesion of the foreskin in the future; when washing the baby girl’s perineum, The labia majora should be gently separated, and the dirt in it should be rinsed with water, but it should not be scrubbed vigorously. Dry with a towel after washing.

4) Rub skin care powder or oil

For example, in summer, after taking a shower, you can use cotton to moisten a little talcum powder or an adult hand apply a thin layer of talcum powder on the newborn’s skin gently, never sprinkle the talcum powder directly on the newborn Body, so as to prevent newborns from inhaling into the nostrils or scattered in the eyes.

It is best not to use talcum powder on the creases of the skin, but apply a little disinfected baby oil to prevent skin erosion.

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