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If you want to enjoy a stylish interior, start with the living room, which is the main room. The living room spends a lot of time at home, and it is also the place where customers spend their time when visiting, so being surrounded by a fashionable atmosphere should make your life even more enjoyable.

In order to realize such a fashionable living room, let’s first find your favorite interior coordination from many examples. Also, if you find a style that you like, please refer to the practical interior points and realize a life with a stylish living room.

Make your Living Room Cool

Three points to decide fashionably:

1.Creating a space that feels open

If there is a stairwell, it is the best way. Even if you can’t physically secure the height as you wish, there are other effects that give you a sense of openness that makes you look wider.

For example, seamlessly connect spaces side by side without using partitions as much as possible. Even if you try to extend your line of sight far away while securing storage with high-waisted furniture such as a low board so that you do not get caught in the eyeliner, you will feel spacious as a way of feeling the space.

2.Use different types of lighting

It is recommended to change the lighting according to the styling of the living room coordination you want to create. The types of lighting are roughly divided into down lights, spotlights, bracket lights, and pendant lights.

If down-lights and spotlights are used in a classic space, you may feel something is wrong. Hanging type design lighting makes it easy to create a decorative atmosphere, and spot lighting gives a smart impression.

3.Decorate the planting

Decorating the planting should be prioritized before decorating the wall with a picture of the frame or anything else on the display. It’s easy to get a hobby about the display depending on what you decorate, and I’m not sure if it matches the interior.

In addition, since it is easy to make a difference with the nuance of the receiving side, a neutral essence like planting is easy to fit into the space. There are many types of planting, and it is convenient because you can choose the color, size, and shape according to the interior.

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Choosing a sofa shape that suits your space

The sofa is a large piece of furniture that can easily accommodate a large number of people and can be used as an accent in your room. Sofas are a must for living design, where the comfort and essence of design are widely preferred. However, sofas require more space than chairs, so you need to choose the one that fits your space.

It is best to have a distance of about 15 cm to 20 cm from the table in a relaxing space like a living room. You can go in and out smoothly, and there is no problem with a proper sense of distance for eating, drinking and writing. If you fill this space, it will give you a slightly cramped impression. Please note that it is necessary to create a spacious space in a fashionable space.

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Dining and living orientation

dining room
Image – pexels

Depending on how the living / dining space is used, there are different orientations depending on the sense of distance. Of course, places such as windows where outside light enters can also be considered, but since living and dining are closely related scenes, the point is how they look from each place.

For example, if you want to make a living-dining room in a rectangular space with a deep depth and a narrow width, you do not place furniture at each scene change. By installing a sofa in the depth direction to create a sense of unity without partitioning the scene, you can create an open scene.

On the other hand, if the shape is close to a square, if you arrange each scene side by side and lay it out with a slight shift instead of arranging them vertically, the field of view can easily reach far away, and the space will feel wider. Keep in mind that the point of thinking about placement changes depending on whether the space is large or small. Both of them are based on the premise of how to get rid of the line of sight, so the idea of ​​the base can be diverted.

The partition is not a partition of the space, but a method of appropriately blocking the view.

There may be some people who want to partition the space when they are adjacent to each other on the space where the living room and dining room are set up. You may want to partition the dining side in consideration of the visitors. In such a case, do not partition it with a wall, but use partitions or figurines to make it.

Creating a wall has the advantage of blocking visibility and sound. However, the disadvantage is that you cannot feel the presence of people and interfere with communication between the dining room and the living room. In such a case, a partition with a see-through feeling serves a convenient function.

By creating a catch on the line of sight, it becomes difficult to see the back. Due to the nature of the human eye, it is easier to focus on the object in the foreground, so it is difficult to see the back unless you keep an eye on it. This makes it possible to partition the space without creating communication obstacles. It is better to give priority to living and dining and to secure a feeling of openness as much as possible.

10 fashionable coordination examples that make you want to invite people

coloring and deep furniture design

The interior is textured, the sofa has a nice silhouette, and the rough and textured fabrics and rugs are mixed, but they are well-balanced. The table has a sharp and slender silhouette, a glass top plate and modern parts, all of which make you feel good.

The foliage plants with a fresh green color in the coordination from dark to gray create a fresh and clean atmosphere in the space.

[Elegant and stylish] Monotone coloring and mood lighting

Coordination with impressive monotone coloring. By brightening the walls, floors, and ceilings, which have a large visible area, with high tones and using dark tones as accents in furniture and displays, even monotones are not too heavy.

And the sharp lighting is finished in a luxurious production by adding design lighting such as stand lighting and bracket lighting.

[Casual mix] Simple and cozy furniture and space balance

The comfortable space where the sunlight shines in is orthodox and simple. The furniture and decorations use a bold silhouette, creating a thick and rich impression. The gap with the casual atmosphere is simple, but it creates an elegant atmosphere.

With stand lighting and lighting with candles, it seems that the mood will be enhanced at night with sharp shadows.

An imbalance between the calm atmosphere of dark tones and the rough texture

The basic coloring is finished in dark tones, the rustic material is exposed, and the design that opposes the color and texture is captured in modern times.

Dark-tone and thick furniture makes it easy to feel the elegance and gives the impression of being comfortable. In addition, the large leafy foliage plants in the dark interior are easy to color and are easy to use as accents.

Rugged impression and simple and smart furniture design

The setting is organized in dark tones, and the material with a rough texture is coordinated like a cottage house with a good taste. The black interior and rugged silhouette create a dandy impression.

Displays such as off-white, light gray, and mirrors in opposite colors help create space and balance weight. When combined with a single board or wood with a strong presence such as old wood, you can express a rich atmosphere that seeks the real thing.

[Simple natural] Cute lighting with cozy furniture and candle lighting

Furniture with a simple design that seems to be soft and cozy. And a warm coordination combined with a rug that looks good on the coat. Overall, it is a recent trendy styling that shows the difference in gray coloring and each texture. There is no doubt that cute candles along with pop art on the wall will enhance the night to a wonderful mood.

Gap between rough texture and white interior

I think it’s easy to imagine the Brooklyn style from the rough look of Brick, but depending on the furniture system that matches it, it will also be finished in French style. In this case, the interior is lined with white materials and finishes, and the use of cozy cushions and fabrics creates a country-style atmosphere.

The white rugged furniture creates an old-fashioned look with the wrinkled fabric. It is finished in a calm space that is neither modern nor classic.

Mid-century furniture and distinctive pattern design

A West Coast style created by combining white walls, cultural pop art walls, and mid-century functional furniture. By adding a characteristic ethnic pattern to it, it is finished in a bohemian mix style. The interior is a little more quirky than the West Coast style, and the impression is easily influenced by the patterns and patterns.

However, since the warmth and density increase, it may be interesting to add essence when you get tired of the West Coast style.

European resort-style design that incorporates blue as the key color

I think everyone feels the elegance of the interior, which is constructed with blue and white coloring, as if you imagine a resort in Greece or Italy in Europe. By partially incorporating the texture of natural wood and using natural materials for the roll screen, it is packed with a simple design that allows you to feel the value of things while being modern.

However, blue tends to give a cold impression, so be careful about where and where you use it. The blue and dense coloring is difficult to control the impression and is often perceived as a bad impression. It is also a point that you can always have a positive impression above the line of sight by arranging the color of blue below the line of sight and the feeling of white omission.

[Scandinavian style + classic] Scandinavian design style coordination and classic edge design

A rare coordinated mix that combines Scandinavian interior furniture with a slightly classic edge. The displays, furniture, and lighting that pop into your eyes are all sculptural and almost like a museum. The rugs on the floor give the impression that they are neutralized.

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